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Combined Federal Campaign
What It Means To You

Each year, one of paws4vets biggest challenges is to pay the necessary expenses to provide Assistance Dogs to Veterans and Active-duty Service Members in need.

The Combined Federal Campaign has been a true blessing to us, providing much needed resources for the past three years. We are very grateful!

To keep your trust, and your continued support, we work extra hard to keep our overhead down to a minimum (under 5% this year!) and maximize our dollars.

Last year, paws4vets placed Assistance Dogs with 35 more Veterans.  Each of these dogs are valued at approximately $35,000.  We also continued to support over 500 Assistance Dogs placed since 2007.

Thank you for your support!

Please consider continuing your support, or joining our paws4vets donor family and be a part of changing and saving lives.

These links allow you to contribute through the several methods via the CFC.

Anyway you choose to help is greatly appreciated!
Employee Express

Below are actual quotes from three of our paws4vets clients…

“For the longest time I just didn’t want to be here. Now I have hope for a better future thanks to ASHE (his Psychiatric Assistance Dog),”
– MSGT Roger Dudley, USMC (ret.).

“CLAIRE – she is my rock. She has given me back a part of my life and I have no doubt that with her help I will get back the rest of it in time. I would like to thank the people and the dogs of paws4vets, they have changed my life, maybe even saved it for the second time.”
April Cook, U.S. Navy Veteran with 4-combat tours in Iraq.

“I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the paws4vets program and TAZIE (his Psychiatric Assistance Dog),”
SGT Jeff Mitchell, USA (ret.). 

Word of mouth is the most powerful tool we have. (And the least costly!)

Please consider sending an email to someone you know.

Not a federal employee? You too can help with the campaign by sharing our story with those you know who do work in the US Government, US Postal Service and/or the US Military.

We have created several sample emails here for you to send to different groups of people. Simply copy and paste into your email software and edit to suit you!

Draft Emails you can Use

#1. Email to CFC POC from a friend of paws4vets
Subject Line: Something you might want to know


First, thank you so very much for volunteering to help raise money for charitable organizations through the CFC. The work you do is very important.

This is just a quick email to introduce you to paws4vets, as they are new to the CFC National level (although they have been around since 1999), and I thought you might want to know who they are and what they do.

paws4vets’ goal is to save as many of our disabled veterans as possible who are returning from war emotionally, physically and psychologically scarred for life. In some instances these veterans have either tried or are thinking about suicide to escape the consequences of Post Traumatic Stress and other issues they face.

paws4vets provide a highly trained Assistance Dog who is matched to the recipient. This team is trained together (often for more than a year!) to help the veteran work through their issues and back into a more normal life.

I found this short video introduction to three of their clients very moving.

Watch the video at

I know they do not have the resources to attend each and every CFC event (not even close) so I am doing what I can to help spread the word about them.

I would be happy to help in any other way I could!

Thanks again for all you do!

Your friend,


Would you send an email (or several) if you knew it might help save a veteran’s life?

Each year the federal government organizes all federal employee charitable giving into the Combined Federal Campaign.

This campaign can bring in more than 250 million badly needed dollars into deserving charities that have passed strict requirements to be included.

You personally might know several federal employees; someone in the military, the Post Office, all the acronyms like CIA, OPM, FAA, VA, as well as federal prisons.. the list is huge!

You can help by sending anyone you know an email about paws4vets with a recommendation.   (Like this one from me!)

Thank you so much for helping paws4vets, paws4people and the clients and dogs they serve. Their success in the Combined Federal Campaign (and ability to provide more dogs) depends on wonderful people like you lending a hand to spread the word!

Thank You!

Warm regards,


One of the opportunities we have as employees of the federal government is to help support charities we think are worthwhile through the Combined Federal Campaign.

Please think of paws4vets when you fill out your pledge this year. This wonderful group has been around since 1999. They have a truly heartwarming story, and badly need our help to continue to save as many of our soldiers coming home from the effects that war has had on their minds and bodies.

This heartwarming short video is three of their clients with the story of how their Assistance Dogs have saved their lives.

Watch the video at

I thought it worthwhile enough to let you know! They even have a link on their page to the online pledge form at to make it easy.

Employee Express
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